Go With the Flow Studio Etiquette


1.  Be on time. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes before class to sign in, set up, and use the restroom.  The front door opens 15 minutes prior to class start times.   All students must sign themselves in prior to class.  The front door is locked once we begin class to avoid any disruptions to other students and for the safety of students' belongings.  

2.  No shoes, purses, or cell phones allowed upstairs.  Please turn your cell phone off or on silent when you arrive and leave all your belongings in the lobby that you do not need for your practice.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your purse in the lobby, please leave it at home or in your car.  

3.  Embrace the silence.  Please refrain from any loud conversation once entering the yoga room, especially if others are sitting or laying silently.  Use any time before the class begins to settle in, and transition from the outside world.  Respect other students who cherish this peaceful time.  This applies to before, and especially after class.  Savasana can be a very vulnerable pose for students.  Please give space for silence after ending the practice for us all to integrate.  Please keep social interactions and conversations to the lobby as much as possible.  We appreciate the sangha (community) that has formed here at the studio, and in no way want to dampen that, but let's all  be sure that we respect and honor the contemplative piece of this wonderful practice.  

4.  Be thoughtful when taking modifications.  Please do not veer too far from the sequence your teacher has offered.  Being in child's pose instead of downward facing dog is one thing.  Being in handstand while everyone else is in child's pose is another.

5.  Be Mindful of Scents.  We are in a small space and people have allergies and sensitivities.  Please respect those around you and  refrain from wearing synthetic fragrances or smelling like smoke of any kind.    

6.  Clean up after yourself.  Please wipe down studio mats and the area around you, if you sweat.  Place props back NEATLY where you found them.  This is just as much a part of the practice as the Asanas.  


7. Observe a respectful and restful Savasana.  This final resting pose is an opportunity for students to fully absorb the fruits of their practice.  Respect others by being still and quiet.  If you, for some reason,  cannot stay for the full Savasana (which we do not recommend),  please let the teacher know before class and leave quietly before everyone settles in.